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Alyssa's Scrappin' One-Stop Shop
Make Money

The Consultant Opportunity

Being a SIAS consultant isn't for everyone--so how will you know if it's right for you? Answer these questions:

Do you spend a lot of money on scrapbooking supplies?
Do you love scrapbooking?
Do you want to work from home?
Do you need extra money?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, SIAS could be right for you. Why? Because Scrap in a Snap offers an answer to these questions. When you become a consultant, you will save at least 20 percent on your SIAS scrapbooking supplies. SIAS consultants have a flexible business, which means you can plan your business around your schedule. Being a Snap in a Scrap consultant is a tremendous opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't know if I am good at selling. How would I get started?
A: Start with the basics. Scrap in a Snap's kits and coordinating papers make it easy to put pages together. Try it yourself--and then you'll be able to share the excitement with your customers.

Q: What kind of start-up fee will I have to pay?
A: Scrap in a Snap's starter kit price is more than reasonable--it's exceptional! For $65 (plus shipping and handling), you will receive:

1 12 x 12 exclusive SIAS album ($28.00 value)
1 Consultant Assortment paper pack ($22.00 value)
1 Black journaling pen ($2.50 value)
1 package of 10 catalogs ($10.00 value)
1 package of 25 workshop invitations ($2.50 value)
1 SIAS Business Guide ($10.00 value)
1 sample theme kit ($12.00 value)
1 set of Letter Buddies ($5.00 value)
1 package of 10 consultant agreements ($4.50 value)
1 package of 10 opportunity brochures ($5.00 value)
1 package of 10 Make & Takes ($23.00 value)
1 package of order forms ($7.50 value)
1 exclusive SIAS tote bag ($22.00 value)

Total value: $154 Savings: $89

Q: Do I have to keep a certain number of items in stock at my home?
A: No. You don't have to build-up an inventory (although you can).

Q: Can I take time off for work, family, or other obligations?
A: Yes. You need to place only one order a year to be an active consultant. To advance in the company (and earn larger discounts), you need to have quarterly sales of $250 or $300, depending on your goals. This is easily achievable, and you can submit it all at once or in segments--which means you can plan your business around the rest of your schedule!

Q: If I sign up to be a consultant, will I be on my own?
A: No. The company offers support through its website, phone, and consultant bulletin board. Also, I do my best to ensure my group members have all the information they need to build a strong business. I'm happy to share tips and experiences. You can also call or e-mail me with any questions you have.

Q: How soon can I start selling or buying products?
A: As soon as you order a starter kit!

Do you have more questions about being an Independent Consultant for Scrap in a Snap?

Ask me!