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Why Scrapbook?

If you're visiting my website, I suspect you already know a little about scrapbooking and have probably tried it. There are many reasons to start scrapbooking today!

Why Scrapbook?

* To preserve your family photos. If you're like me, you've taken thousands of photos over the years. In fact, Americans take millions photos each year. That's a lot of pictures! Creative scrapbooking allows you to display your photos safely.

* To create a gift for your family. My father recently found several photos of his grandfather's family. It was so incredible to hold these stiff black-and-white photos in my hands and know that I was looking at my ancestors. Since I've seen their faces, I am curious about them and want to find out all I can. By scrapbooking your life, you're giving your family the gift of knowing who you are. Future generations can see your scrapbooks and learn about you.

* To spend time with others. One of the greatest things about scrapbooking is that you also join a community. Even if you scrapbook alone, it's fun to go to crops, attend classes, and simply share your ideas with friends. Scrappers always share a common bond.

* To have fun! Scrapbooking allows you to express your creativity and show off a wonderful final product. What could be better than that?

How can this site help you? By being a valuable resource: providing product information, layout ideas, and a place to find safe and fun scrapbooking products. After all, we have something in common--an enjoyment of scrapbooking!

What topics can you scrapbook?

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