Thracian's Xena/Hercules Autograph of the Month

Thracian's Xena/Hercules Autograph of the Month

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This web site will feature one autographed photo from a Xena or Hercules main or guest star each month. I will also include information about how I obtained the autograph, so you might get one for yourself! Keep in mind, however, that I cannot and will not guarantee that you'll get an autographed photo, or even an autograph. Celebrities change their signing habits or move to different agencies, and this means I can't promise you'll get anything. However, I can give you some tips about what kind of letter to write and what to send to the celebrity to increase your chances of getting an autograph. This month's autograph is . . .

Hudson Leick: Callisto

I received this autograph in the mail in June. I sent her the photo, an SASE, a nice complimentary letter. Here's the address I used:

Hudson Leick
P.O. Box 775
Fair Oaks CA 90069

To get more information about how to send a request to Ms. Leick, please visit my tips page. It was five months before I received a response, so keep that in mind as you're waiting. Also, keep in mind that you need to send her a photo or she will send a letter explaining that she is out of photos. Send at your own risk! Look for another autograph to be posted here in November!

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