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23 February 2000

Obviously it has been some time since I revised this site. Revisions are coming! Plan to see more of my successes in March!

02 October 1999

I'm still receiving autographs, though they are coming less frequently. I am hoping they will continue to arrive. It's been a little while since I've received one of those great envelopes in the mail. I'm ready for more! Thanks for returning to my site. I'm still planning to continue with updates, although they will happen once every month or two months, as they have been lately. Take care. May your mailboxes be always full!

07 August 1999

I have some autograph activity to report, gratefully. I've sent out several requests and have received a few things back, including one I have been waiting more than two years to receive. I am hoping to receive even more autographs in the next few weeks. Check them out on the main page and Still Waiting . . . Best wishes to all of my loyal visitors!

03 July 1999

I have made just a few additions and changes to the site. Check out the Still Waiting . . . page to see who I've written to recently. I'm going to be making a photo order soon, and at that time I'll be sending out even more requests. Hopefully I'll be getting a few autographs soon. Best wishes for full mailboxes!

13 June 1999

I bet you thought I had quit collecting autographs, didn't you? Good news, though! I haven't, and I had some great experiences getting some autographs in person. Check these out on my Autograph News page. I am also planning for a new photo order--I want to start getting some more autographs in the mail! Best wishes to all of you.

01 April 1999

March wasn't a bad month for autographs. I received a variety of responses--some not so good, but others I am quite pleased with. I hope March was great for all of you as well! Take care, and keep mailing those requests!

28 February 1999

Boy, did I have a great autograph day yesterday! Those are the days I enjoy most. I have updated the main page, Still Waiting . . ., and Links. I also appreciate your continued patience regarding my delayed e-mail response to your letters. I am slowly wading my way through them. I do appreciate hearing from you!

31 January 1999

It's a new year--a good time to evaluate how my collecting has been lately. You've probably noticed that I haven't been sending or receiving as much lately. I've asked myself why, and have come up with two reasons: first, since I only send requests to celebrities I admire, I have found that I am running out of people! Second, I have always felt some discomfort when trying to reconcile the praise and request aspects of request letters. Both of these issues are things I am working through. Don't be concerned: I have no plans to stop either sending letters or updating this web site. I have ordered some photos and will be sending out requests when I get them, sometime in February. I still LOVE getting the autographs in the mail. What this does mean, however, is that I will likely continue to update my site less frequently than once a week; I'll make changes when I receive responses. In any case, today I have added detailed information about the Jason Carter and (new) Jerry Doyle successes. I've updated Still Waiting . . . and View the Guestbook. Furthermore, I have put the 1997 guestbook entries and What's New information on separate pages. And finally, let me give you my collecting statistics from April 1997 (when I began collecting) through December 1998:

I sent 244 requests, and received 120 responses which included a signature. Of these, I believe 93 to be authentic and 27 to be either secretarials, autopens, or pre-prints. (You should be aware that I counted the people who responded; in other words, I didn't consider each signature [when celebs sent more than one] to be a separate response.)

On the negative side, I had 25 RTS and received fan club information or a "Not Signing" letter from 6 celebrities.

In total, this accounts for 151 requests; I am still waiting for 93. I hope I'll be able to account for many of these by the end of next year! Keep requesting, and keep checking that mailbox!

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