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Xena: Warrior Princess Merchandise

Here are all of the Xena related merchandise items I am currently offering. Keep checking back as I will be adding more items. I've included scans of all items as well as the price I'm asking. If you find something you want, send me some e-mail and I'll tell you what the total amount for your order will be. Buyer pre-pays with check or money order and also shipping and insurance (if insurance is desired).

Robert Trebor

A regular guest star on Hercules and Xena.
This is a fun photo, signed by Trebor with a black ball point pen in the upper right corner.
Item AUT1: $10

Michael Hurst photo

An 8x10 photo of Michael Hurst, who plays Iolaus on Hercules and Xena.
The photo also includes a signature, but it is pre-printed onto the photo. Photo is also creased in area of Hurst's hair. It is still a nice photo and would be a good addition to a collection.
Item XEN7: $3

Autographed Photos and Index Cards