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Mainstream/Popular Fiction

Here are all of the popular novels I am offering right now. All are softcover unless otherwise noted. I've included scans of all items. Since books depreciate so quickly after they are purchased, I've listed what I'd like to get for the book. But go ahead and make an offer of your own: I'm open to negotiating in this category. If you find something you want, send me some e-mail at and I'll tell you what the total amount for your order will be. Buyer pays with check or money order and also pays shipping and insurance (if insurance is desired).

The Last Valentine

1996 novel by James Michael Pratt is a poignant love story about which the author writes, "I offer you the dreams of one who first loved, long ago, and lost, but then triumphed in the end."
Book was never read, and is in excellent condition.
Item Book1: $2

The Scar

1996 novel about a romantic triangle. The publisher writes, "The Scar is a powerful novel exploring the issues of personal responsibility and choice, the consequences of guilt and love, and the possibility of redemption."
Book has never been read and is in great condition. There are some small black smudges on the front cover that probably occurred during printing.
Item Book2: $1

Rum & Razors

1995 novel based on the popular television series. The story features (what else?) Jessica Fletcher solving a murder while vacationing in St. Thomas.
Book has never been read and is in great condition.
Item Book9: $1.25


1996 companion book based on the Emmy-winning comedy. Book features cast interviews, photos, and episode guide (listing episodes 1-72).
Book has never been read and is in great condition. The retail price of this book is $14, but a Frasier fan will get a good deal!
Item Book10: $7

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