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Autographed Index Cards

Here are all of the autographed index cards I am offering right now. Index cards are great items to have matted with a photo of your choice. (I only offer the index card, not the photo.) I've included scans of all items as well as the price I'm asking. If you find something you want, send me some e-mail at and I'll tell you what the total amount for your order will be. Buyer pays with check or money order and also pays shipping and insurance (if insurance is desired).

Michael Ansara

Babylon 5 fans should consider this card: Mr. Ansara played the Technomage Elric in the second season episode "The Geometry of Shadows."
Star Trek fans will remember him as the Klingon Warrior Kang.
Card is 4x6 and is in excellent condition.
Item CARD1: $3

Crystal Bernard

Star of the cancelled Wings television program signed this card.
Card is 3x5, has small stain (appears to be grease stain) on small portion in lower left part of the card; however, this does not affect the signature. Yellow line on right side of scan is part of the scan, not the card. Card is in good condition.
Item CARD2: $3

Dame Judi Dench

Dame Judi has starred in movies such as Henry V and Mrs. Brown. Fans of British television will remember her as Jean Pargeter on As Time Goes By.
3x5 card is in excellent condition.
Item CARD4: $6

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