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Literature and Other Academic Books

Here are all of the academic books I am offering right now. All are softcover unless otherwise noted. I've included scans of all items as well as the price I'm asking. However, since books depreciate so quickly after they are purchased, I am willing to negotiate. So if you want to make an offer for something, don't hesitate to do so If you find something you want, send me some e-mail at and I'll tell you what the total amount for your order will be. Buyer pays with check or money order and also pays shipping and insurance (if insurance is desired).

The Way of All Flesh

Lovely hardcover Everyman's Library edition of this novel, finished in 1884. Those studying the Victorian period may be interested in this novel.
Book is in excellent condition and includes a burgandy ribbon bookmark.
Item Book3: $5

The Poetics of Gender

This collection of essays edited by Nancy K. Miller would be of interest to someone studying history or English.
Among the theorists and writers discussed are George Sand, Gertrude Stein, and Julia Kristeva.
Book is in fair condition: some sections throughout are highlighted and the cover is bent.
Item Book4: $1

Women in Beckett

Linda Ben-Zvi edited this collection of essays examining women's roles in the plays of Samuel Beckett. This interesting study features interviews with women who have portrayed Beckett's female characters as well as critical examinations of the plays themselves.
Book is in excellent condition.
Item BOOK5: $4

Genre Choices, Gender Questions

1992 hardcover written by Mary Gerhart.
According to the publisher, "Genre Choices, Gender Questions deals lucidly with complex concepts. Its focus is never narrow, but opens out consistently toward ancillary issues such as faminist readings and deconstructionism, which strengthen the author's argument. Gerhart convincingly suggests the profound implications of genre and gender, as she redefines them, for both literary criticism and religious studies.
Book is in excellent condition.
Item BOOK6: $7

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