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Send Me E-Mail!

Of course you can send me e-mail! I do my best to answer all of them--sometimes I get behind, and I'm not always prompt, but I try. I do respectfully request that you read the following before you do, however.

First, do NOT use this e-mail address to try and sell me anything. This includes get-rich-quick ideas, business or office helps, and adult web sites. I'm not interested, I don't read the message, and getting these e-mails just makes me really cranky. So don't bother.

Second, if you have questions about IRCs, whether to send a SASE, or general questions about what to write in a letter, please visit my Getting Started page before sending me e-mail, because many of your questions can be answered there. If your question isn't addressed on that page, send me a note and I'll (usually) be happy to help you.

Thanks for reading. Now send e-mail to

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