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Thracianís Successes: U-Z

: indicates an authentic response
All pictures were provided by the celebrity unless otherwise indicated.

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Ward, Sela: SP, 5x7 black and white.
     97 days / Received 22 August 1997
     289 So. Robertson Blvd. Suite 469, Beverly Hills CA 90211
     "All the best! Sela Ward"

Ms. Ward is one of my favorite actresses--I loved her performance in Sisters.  I was excited to get a response from her, although it turned out to be a pre-print.  It's a great picture, though.  Has anyone had success with something they have sent to her?  I will probably try that in a few months.  Please pass on any information you have!

Wasser, Ed: ISC, ISP, 8x10 color.
     7 days / Received 24 April 1998
     P. O. Box 1282, Culver City CA 90232
     "Alyssa--Best wishes! Ed Wasser"

I was amazed--and pleased--by the speed of this response.  Ed Wasser sent a promotional picture (it's a great picture!), which he signed with a black sharpie.  The index card is also signed with a black sharpie.  This is a wonderful addition to my collection.

Watson, Alberta: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     231 days / Received 04 April 1998
     c/o LFN Productions
     565 Orwell Street, Mississauga Ontario, Canada LSA 2W4
     "Best wishes, Alberta Watson"

I was quite pleased to get this success, since Ms. Watson is a character from one of my favorite programs.  The photo is of her and Peta Wilson, but Alberta was the only one who signed this photograph.  It is signed with a black sharpie, and although I haven't seen any scans of her signature, I believe it is authentic.   A collector who met Ms. Watson and received more than one autograph from her has just informed me that my autograph matches hers, and is authentic.  Thanks Cathy!

Williams, John: SP, 5x7 black and white.
     18 days / Received 01 December 1997
     301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston MA 02115

When I sent this request I asked for two photos (one for my brother) and I received one.  Nevertheless, I am pleased with this success.  The photo is a nice clear shot of him directing; it is signed in black, and the signature matches scans I've seen.

Williams, Vanessa: SP, 5x7 black and white.
     133 days / Received 06 September 1997
     50 Old Farm Road, Chappaqua NY 10514

This was a VERY long wait for a pre-print.  The signature is in black (and it's an obvious pre-print) at the bottom of the picture.  The picture is an older one too, but it's an OK close-up.  Still, I wouldn't recommend wasting your time sending a request.

Wilson, Peta: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     173 days / Received 20 November 1997
     c/o USA Network
     1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY 10020
     "Best wishes, Love Peta xxx NIKITA '97"

This success was wonderful; I've been waiting--and hoping!--for a success from Ms. Wilson for quite a while.  Her portrayal of Nikita in La Femme Nikita is captivating and incredible.  I included a SASE, but a separate envelope was used, and the postage indicates it was sent from Canada.  Peta signed the photo with a red sharpie, and also included a form letter--the signature on the letter is likely photocopied.  The autograph on the picture, however, is authentic; it matches one she sent to a friend as thanks for building a web page devoted to the program.  This is one of the few autographs I have framed.

Wingfield, Peter: SP, 8x10 color.
    49 days / Received 22 November 1997
     c/o Rysher Entertainment
     2401 Colorado Avenue #200, Santa Monica CA 90404

I love Mr. Wingfield's character on Highlander, and he seems to be a great person; he sent a fantastic color photo that he signed in gold.  (A secretarial letter was also included.)  This isn't an autopen or pre-print; it might be a secretarial, but I doubt that.  I'm leaning toward it being authentic.  If anyone has other information about this or could direct me to a scan, please send me e-mail.

Winningham, Mare: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     181 days / Received 07 December 1998
     9860 Topanga Canyon Blvd. #103, Chatsworth, CA 91311
     "Best Wishes Alyssa--Mare Winningham"

This response confuses me a little.  The signature is definitely either authentic or secretarial, but the signature and the inscription are so different that I cannot be certain.  I suspect that the inscription is secretarial and the signature is authentic.  If you know where I can find an in-person scan, please send me e-mail!

Winslet, Kate: ISP, 5x7 black and white.
     29 Days / Received 12 August 1997
     c/o Incoming Mail, BBC, Wood Lane, London W12 7RJ, England
     "To Alyssa, Love Kate Winslet"

Ms. Winslet sent a very nice picture, which she signed in black.  I haven't compared it to an in person signature, but I believe it is authentic because of the secretary's letter that accompanied it.  If you know where I could see a in person scan, please contact me.

Yasutake, Patti: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     129 days / Received 29 June 1998
     145 S. Fairfax Avenue #310, Los Angeles CA 90036
     "From One Alyssa to Another, Thanks for your lovely letter! All the best to you, Patti Yasutake"

This was another great success, primarily because of the inscription.  (She plays a character named Alyssa, if you are wondering.)  The photo is a black and white close-up and is signed with a blue sharpie.  I am quite pleased with this one!

York, Michael: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     36 days / Received 15 July 1998
     9100 Cordell Drive, Los Angeles CA 90069
     "For Alyssa, with best wishes, Michael York"

I received this one fairly quickly, and am unsure about its authenticity.  It isn't a pre-print, and doesn't appear to be an autopen.   It is signed with a black sharpie.  The inscription is fairly clear, but the signature itself is illegible--if the signature had been on an index card instead of a photo, I never would have guessed who it was.  Still, I am hoping to find a scan for comparison purposes. Hopefully I'll have some good news about it soon. I've had a chance to compare this to other scans--it appears to be authentic.

In-Person Successes

31 August 1997: In-Person: Brent Spiner
     See Autograph News page!

3 September 1997: In-Person: Lucy Lawless
     See Autograph News page!

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