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Thracianís Successes: S-T

: indicates an authentic response
All pictures were provided by the celebrity unless otherwise indicated.

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Scofield, Sir Paul: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     23 days / Received 22 January 1998
     c/o Incoming Mail, BBC
     Wood Lane, London W12 7RJ, England
     "To Alyssa, Paul Scofield, with my good wishes"

This was a thrilling success, because he is an amazing actor.  I sent him a still from A Man for All Seasons, and he signed and returned it in less than a month.  He signed it in black: it's not a sharpie, but it's thicker than a ball point.  The inscription is very gracious: this success just plain made my day!

Selleck, Tom: ISP, 8x10 color.
     83 Days / Received 15 August 1997
     331 Sage Lane, Santa Monica CA 90402
     "Alyssa, Best wishes, Tom Selleck"

I have great memories of watching Magnum P.I., and so this success was a neat one.  This color photo was provided by Mr. Selleck, and was signed in black.  I haven't compared it to an in person signature, but I am still sure it is authentic.  If you know where I can find a scan of his signature, please let me know!

Sewell, Rufus: ISP, 8x10 color.
     145 days / Received 12 November 1998
     Belfrage, 68 St. James Street, London SW1A 1LE, England
     "To Alyssa, Lots of love, Rufus Sewell"

Wow, wow, wow.  Rufus Sewell is easily one of my favorite actors, period.  I sent him a photo (one I scanned) and a silver pen to use since the photo is pretty dark.  The silver paint pen I sent was used to sign the picture, and I believe it is authentic.  I am still in the process of looking for a comparison scan, so until then I will not definitively declare its authenticity.  I owe many thanks to another collector who e-mailed me an address to use--but I discovered that I did not write down the information in my records!  If I can find the address again I will post it here. As you can see, I found the address. I discovered that I had (luckily) saved the letter I wrote to him on a disk. The address was included on the letter. Hurray!

Seymour, Jane: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     44 days / Received 12 February 1998
     P. O. Box 548, Agoura CA 91376
     "To Alyssa Best Wishes, Jane Seymour"

If you send a request to Ms. Seymour without sending a photo, you'll most likely get back a pre-print.  I decided to try my luck by sending her a picture, which she signed in black sharpie and sent back to me.  I'm fairly certain it is authentic, as I've spoken with another collector about the subject (thanks Doc!), and it matches other scans I've seen.

Siskel, Gene and Roger Ebert: ISP, 5x7 black and white.
     47 days / Received 03 July 1997
     630 McClurg Ct, Chicago IL 60611
     "Alyssa--2 Thumbs up! Gene Siskel Roger Ebert"

This black and white picture was signed by both men.  Gene Siskel is the one who inscribed the picture; Mr. Ebert just signed his name.  Both signatures were written with a silver pen.

Smith, Kevin: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     85 days / Received 06 February 1998
     c/o Renaissance Pictures
     100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City CA 91608
     "You Bewdy, Cheers, Kevin"

I was actually a bit surprised by this success.  I know he has a fan club, and I was half expecting just to get information about how to join!  He sent a wonderful photo of himself as Ares, which he signed with a black sharpie.  I was quite surprised when I received a second photo two days later.  I received the first one in my SASE, and the second one was from the fan club.  The second photo was the same as the first, and he'd written the same words on it.  The signatures are not exact matches, which rules out the autopen, and are quite similar to a scan of an in-person signature I've seen.  I'm very glad about this one!

Sorvino, Mira: SC, ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     12 days / Received 28 October 1997
     41 W. 86th St., New York NY 10024-3608
     "Dear Alyssa. Wow! Not many people have seen the 'Buccaneers' -- I'm glad
     you enjoyed it so much. Please take good care of yourself & enjoy your
     life & your loved ones!! Mira Sorvino"

I was amazed at the speed of this success, since many people have reported waiting more than a year!  The picture is a lovely close-up, and as you can tell from the inscription, she responded to my letter.  It's a great thing to know that your letter is really read by the celebrity.  Please, if you don't know who Ms. Sorvino is, don't take advantage of her generosity by requesting an autograph!  She signed the photo with a blue sharpie, and the signatures do match in-person autographs. I've just heard from someone who has received an autograph from this address; it appears to still be successful.

Spiner, Brent: SP, 8x10 color.
     10 days / Received 25 October 1997
     c/o Roundabout Theatre, 1776
     1530 Broadway, New York NY 10036-4002

This is a thrilling success!  I did meet him in person while in New York [for full details, go to the Autograph News page], but I decided to send a picture of him as Data in Star Trek to get signed also.  I loved that show, and still like it.  He signed the picture with a black sharpie, and sent it back; it matches my in person signature as well.  This address is only good until the first part of November, so send a request at your own risk!

Stack, Robert: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     14 days / Received 18 June 1997
     321 St. Pierre Road, Los Angeles CA 90077

As a long time fan of Unsolved Mysteries, I was delighted to get this success.  The picture is of himself standing in a tunnel; it's a little eerie, but neat.  He signed with a black sharpie.

Steinem, Gloria: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     11 days / Received 11 July 1997
     230 Park Ave., New York City NY 10169

I read some of Ms. Steinem's books in college.  She is a strong, influencial, and admirable woman.  The picture is a recent close-up.

Stewart, Patrick: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     797 days / Received 23 July 1999      2268 Moreno Drive, Los Angeles CA 90039

As you might imagine, this was an exciting success.  I truly had given up hope on receiving anything from Mr. Stewart, but he came through for me.  I still want to compare this to in-person scans before I make a final determination about the authenticity, but I do have some hope that it is authentic.  Not bad, after waiting almost 800 days!

Sting: Not signing letter from secretary.
     20 days / Received 01 March 1999
     Bugle House, 21A Noel Street, London W1V 3PD

A disappointing but understandable response.  I received a letter from Sting's secretary indicating that he was hard at work on a new album, and is therefore not signing.  I will try again toward the end of this year.

Stoppard, Tom: SC & SP, 3x5 black and white.
     23 days / Received 01 July 1998

You probably notice something a little different about this listing, and that is that I haven't included the address.  Every once in a while I will do this with someone I don't want to see buried with requests because I wrote the address on my page.  Does this mean I won't give you the address if you want it?  No--it just means that I want to make sure I only give it to people who are genuine fans and know who Mr. Stoppard is.  If you do, and want the address, e-mail me with a little info. about him and I'll give it to you.  If you think that's unreasonable, sorry. I don't intend to sound cranky, but that's the way it is. I won't withhold addresses too often (this is the first since I started this web page), and there are plenty of other addresses here for you to use.

Suchet, David: TLS, SP, ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     38 days / Received 24 April 1998
     76 Oxford Street, London W1N OAX, England
     "To Alyssa, Very Best Wishes, David Suchet."

This is another response that was definitely far beyond my expectations.  I sent Mr. Suchet an 8x10 photo, which he signed and personalized, but he also sent a smaller photo--also signed--and a short letter.  The letter is signed with a black ball-point pen while the two photos are signed in blue.  They are all authentic.

Sutherland, Kiefer: ISP, 8x10 color.
     30 days / Received 30 June 1997
     132 S. Rodeo Drive #300, Beverly Hills CA 90212
     "To Alyssa Best wishes--Kiefer Sutherland"

This is a nice color picture, signed in black.  For quite a while, I thought this was authentic; I am now convinced that it is a secretarial.  Before sending a request, see the Autograph News page for full details.

Swift, Clive: ISP, 3x5 color, SC.
     55 days / Received 02 October 1997
     c/o Roxane Vacca Management
     8 Silver Place, London W1R 3LJ, England
     "For Alyssa, Sorry it took so long. Clive Swift"

Clive Swift sent a color photo, and the autograph is on the back.  He signed with a black ball point pen.  This success was wonderful because I have enjoyed his performance in Keeping Up Appearances.  He has some of the most incredible facial expressions!  He is smiling in the picture, though.

Tallman, Patricia: ISP, 8x10 color.
     19 days / Received 23 November 1998
     6433 Topanga Canyon #207, Canoga Park, CA 91303
     "To Alyssa, Love Patricia Tallman"

I sent Ms. Tallman a photo, which she signed and returned in my SASE.  It was signed with a gold paint pen, and it matched in-person scans.  I am satisfied that it is authentic.  A price list for autograph photos was also included, with the prices ranging from $5 to $10.  All proceeds go to charity.  I've recently heard from another collector who sent a photo, and he received a letter asking him to send $5 to have it signed.  I guess I was very lucky, because I wasn't charged anything.

Thiessen, Tiffani-Amber: SP, 5x7 color.
     73 days / Received 05 August 1997
     I don't have the address in my records.

I received this as on the same day as the Brian Austin Green success, but it is a very qualified success.  It's a nice picture, but the "autograph" on the back is clearly a pre-print.  It was not sent in my SASE, but was sent as a postcard instead.  The picture ended up arriving a bit bent.  Don't waste your time or money sending for this.

Thompson, Andrea: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     69 days / Received 01 May 1998
     c/o NYPD Blue, 10201 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90064-2651
     "Alyssa, Wishing you luck & happiness, too. Andrea Thompson"

I am not completely sure whether this is an authentic signature.  I suspect that it is, but I haven't been able to find an in-person scan to compare it to.  In any case, the photo she sent is signed with a gold pen (it's a great photo, by the way), and is either authentic or secretarial.  An unusual and nice thing about her inscription is that she is responding directly to my letter.  This is a lovely and gracious response.

Thompson, Emma: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     24 Days / Received 07 August 1997
     31/32 Soho Square, London W1V 5DG England

This was a thrilling response from an excellent actress!  I've followed her career quite closely, and have enjoyed almost everything she's done.  She sent a stunning picture--a close up that she signed in gold.  I have compared it with scans of in person signatures, and know that it is authentic.

Travolta, John: SP, color.
     17 Days / Received 31 July 1997
     P. O. Box 3560, Santa Barbara CA 93130

I sent a small Get Shorty poster which he signed and returned.  Here's how I sent it: on the mailing tube I wrote my name and address, along with $1.50 US postage.  Then I wrapped the tube with brown package paper; this is where I put Mr. Travolta's address.  I wrote "Autograph Request" under his name, since it was an unusual package (I didn't want anyone to think it was a bomb!).  There has been some question about whether John Travolta sends authentic signatures in the mail.  I believe they are authentic; therefore I have marked it as such.  For more information on my reasons, please read the Autograph News page.  He signed the poster with a gold paint pen.

Tydings, Alexandra: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     55 days / Received 14 October 1997
     c/o Renaissance Pictures
     100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608
     "To Alyssa --Alexandra Tydings"

Ms. Tydings sent me a picture of herself as Aphrodite.  It's on a subtly textured lightweight paper, and she signed in black.  It's a great success because I think she is wonderful as Aphrodite.    I have just learned that someone received a RTS from this address.  You might want to try sending her a picture; I think she might have run out.  In any case, use this address at your own risk.

In-Person Successes

31 August 1997: In-Person: Brent Spiner
     See Autograph News page!

3 September 1997: In-Person: Lucy Lawless
     See Autograph News page!

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