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Thracianís Successes: P-R

: indicates an authentic response
All pictures were provided by the celebrity unless otherwise indicated.

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Paul, Adrian: SP, 5x7 color.
     23 days / Received 01 December 1997
     c/o PEACE: The Adrian Paul Fan Club
     P. O. Box 4593, North Hollywood CA 91617
     "Peace! Adrian Paul"

This one was a surprise, since I'd heard he doesn't sign through the mail.  I was half expecting it to be non-authentic, but it isn't a pre-print or an autopen.  Then I wondered if it might be a secretarial, but it matches the handwriting samples I've seen on Highlander and from other scans of his handwriting.  I visited the fan club web site, and they do have continual contact with Mr. Paul; they also sell his autographs when you buy a picture set.  Because of all of these things, I believe this is authentic.  The photo is a nice informal pose and is signed in red on the back of the picture.

Peeples, Nia: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     33 Days / Received 07 August 1997
     P. O. Box 21833, Waco TX 76702
     "To Alyssa Love, Joy & Peace. Nia Peeples"

Ms. Peeples is a good signer.  She apparently has a variety of pictures she sends--I saw a site with a close-up photo; it was received not long before I received my own success.  In my case, she sent a full length picture in which she is sitting on a box.  She signed with a fine tip black pen.

Pertwee, Sean: ISP, 3x5 black and white.
     35 days / Received 18 August 1997
     c/o Incoming Mail, BBC, Wood Lane, London W12 7RJ, England
     "To Alyssa, Big love, Sean Pertwee"

I was thrilled with this success, because Sean was in a Mystery series I really enjoyed.  It's a great response!  He signed with a blue sharpie.

Raimi, Ted: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     140 days / Received 09 March 1998
     c/o Renaissance Pictures
     100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City CA 91608
     "Hi Alyssa!! Ted Raimi"

I'm quite pleased with this success because not only is it an authentic autograph (I've compared with in-person scans), it's also a great photo.  I had heard he was sending out pictures from Xena, but I received one with him not in costume.  He is sitting in front of a car.  He signed the photo with a gold paint pen.  This is a great addition to my collection!

Rickman, Alan: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     24 days / Received 09 November 1998
     76 Oxford Street, London W1N OAX, England
     "To Alyssa, Best wishes Alan Rickman"

This success is particularly dear to me not just because it's authentic, but also because it ended my longest time between autographs to date: 47 days without an autograph, but that ended with this success.  I received two autographs: 8x10 that I sent, and a 4x6 that he provided.  Both are inscribed, the smaller one with a gold paint pen and the larger one in black.  The signatures match scans I've found.  Very generous response!

Roache, Linus: SP, 3x5 black and white.
     164 days / Received 29 March 1999
     10 Primrose Hill, Fitzroy Street, London NW1 8TR, England
     "Best wishes, Linus Roache"

This was another wonderful response from a British actor.  They are incredibly good about responding to autograph requests.  He signed the photo with a gold paint pen.  As usual, I am open to any comments or recommendations about the authenticity.

Root, Amanda: ISP, HLS & SP, 8x10 black and white.
     165 days / Received 01 February 1999
     c/o Incoming Mail, BBC, Wood Lane, London W12 7RJ, England
     "For Alyssa, with all good wishes, Amanda Root x"

An amazing success to begin the month!  Ms. Root sent me two photos and a handwritten letter.  The letter was very gracious, and she responded to what I had written in my letter to her.  Both photos were signed with a black ball-point pen.  I am still looking for a scan to compare the signature with; however, I believe it is authentic.

Routledge, Patricia: SP, 3x5 black and white.
     70 days / Received 9 October 1997
     c/o Marmont Management Ltd
     Langham House, 308 Regent Street, London W1R 5AL, England

This response was very nice, because after I sent my request, I heard that she sent pre-prints.  This one is real, however; she signed at the bottom of the photo with a blue ball-point pen.  She also sent a filmography discussing her myriad projects.

Russell, Keri: SP, 5x7 color.
     377 days / Received 28 June 1999
     P.O. Box 5617, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
     "Take care, Keri Russell"

This was a disappointing but not unexpected response.  I sent my request before Felicity came out, and received a pre-print from Studio Fan Mail.  The postcard was metered, and the metering covered part of the signature.  If it had been an authentic signature, I would have been angry--under the circumstances, it didn't really matter.  If you want a nice picture, send the request; if you are hoping for an authentic autograph, save your stamps.

Russo, Rene: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     41 days / Received 12 June 1997
     8046 Fareholm Drive, Los Angeles CA 90046

I've heard she sends pre-prints, but this signature looks more like an autopen.  It is clearly written on the picture (a close up photo), which indicates that it isn't a pre-print.  The signature is done in heavy black--it doesn't look at all like a sharpie.  It's a nice picture.

Ryan, Jeri: HLS, SC & ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     32 days / Received 10 December 1997
     c/o Star Trek: Voyager
     5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90038
     "To Alyssa--Resistance is Futile . . . Jeri Ryan"

This was a generous response, particularly from someone who is currently in a demanding series.  The picture is of her as Seven of Nine, and she signed with a blue sharpie.  The letter (in which she answered the questions I asked) and index card are written and signed with a black pen; all signatures match up to in-person scans I've seen.  Ms. Ryan is a good signer, but please don't write to her unless you know who she is; don't take advantage of her kindness.

In-Person Successes

31 August 1997: In-Person: Brent Spiner
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3 September 1997: In-Person: Lucy Lawless
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