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Thracianís Successes: M-O

: indicates an authentic response
All pictures were provided by the celebrity unless otherwise indicated.

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McCallum, David: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     213 days / Received 13 July 1998
     91 The Grove, London N13 5J5, England

I was really pleased to get this one, especially since I'd been wondering the previous week whether I would get this back.  Mr. McCallum signed a black and white photo I sent him--he signed with a black sharpie and it is not an autopen.  I believe this is authentic, but I'm in the process of looking for a scan I can use to confirm this.  The interesting thing about this success is that I sent it to an address in England and used UK postage on the SASE, but when I received the envelope, my stamp was covered by some US postage.  Apparently he was in the US at the time.  This is a good success.

McGregor, Ewan: 2 SP, 8x10 color.
     18 days / Received 27 February 1999
     c/o Peter Fraser and Dunlop
     503/4 The Chambers, Chelsea Harbor, London SW10 OXF, England

I sent Mr. McGregor a photo which he signed and returned along with a smaller 5x7 photo of his own.  Both pictures were signed with a black sharpie.  I'm hoping to have authenticity comments soon.

Moore, Demi: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     54 days / Received 25 June 1997
     1453 3rd St. #420, Santa Monica CA 90401
     "Alyssa--Peace Always, Demi Moore Ď97"

I was surprised by this success; after all, she is a very busy woman.  Nevertheless, I apparently wrote during a good time.  She sent a good picture, and signed with a gold paint pen.

Mumy, Bill: ISP & HLS, 8x10 color.
     22 days / Received 22 July 1998
     8271 Melrose Avenue #202, Los Angeles CA 91603
     "To Alyssa, Peace, Bill Mumy"

I was completely surprised to receive this photo back so soon.  I mailed Bill Mumy a photo and gold pen (since the photo is pretty dark), and I received the photo back signed within a month.  After I got over my initial excitement of receiving this success, I noticed that he had signed with a black pen and not the gold pen I sent him.  (I wasn't upset about it, but I did wonder.)  Then I noticed that he had also sent back the letter I wrote to him, and he had written a note to me along the bottom of it, explaining that he never received the pen and thinks his agent kept it.  It's a nice little note, and well worth the cost of the pen to add it to my collection.  If his agent is reading this, however, please give Mr. Mumy the pen!

Neeson, Liam: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     33 days / Received 11 June 1997
     150 S. Rodeo Dr. #220, Beverly Hills CA 90212

I was so pleased with this success, since Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors.  This was a nice response time.  The picture is a still from Rob Roy, signed in black. I am no longer sure whether this is authentic.  Other collectors have mentioned that the signature is slightly different from some they've received in the mail, so I suspect it might be secretarial. Anyone who has more information about this should feel free to send me some e-mail.  By the way, this address has been reported by several people as an RTS.  If anyone has a different successful address, let me know and I'll post it here.

Nimoy, Leonard: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     23 days / Received 19 May 1997
     2300 W. Victory Boulevard #C-384, Burbank CA 91506-1200
     "Best Wishes, Leonard Nimoy"

Mr. Nimoy sent a great picture from Star Trek V.  It is a pre-printed signature; when you hold photo up to the light, you can clearly see that the signature is part of the picture itself and not written on the photo.  Has anyone received a genuine response if a photo is sent?  Or is there a different address that would bring a real sigature?

In-Person Successes

31 August 1997: In-Person: Brent Spiner
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3 September 1997: In-Person: Lucy Lawless
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