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May's Featured Writer

May's Featured Writer

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May's writer is Mary Tener. Mary submitted an autobiography:

Hello lovers of literature. My name is Mary Tener. I was born on April 26, 1973 and live in New York. I recently graduated from St. John's University in Jamaica, NY and attained a B.S. degree in criminal justice.

Other than writing poems in my spare time, my hobbies include sports, artwork, reading, and physical fitness.

My inspiration for writing poetry comes from viewing life beyond myself. I feel that poetry expresses, not only the feelings of the writer, but of all who walk the path of life. It is an observation of our inner self and it gives us a sense of peace - knowing that we can all be similar in thought, word, or deed.

In conclusion, I would like to thank my friend Thracian who encouraged and allowed me to be the featured writer for this month.

Any comments about my poems can be sent via e-mail at or discussed in Thracian's Chat Room. Enjoy and may life bring you all happiness.


Love can be colder than death,
But we must endure...
For there is so much more,
we can adore

Caring, Loving, Exposing
It may be somewhat daring...
But trust leads our way for sharing

When we feel the sting of hurt...
Embrace it, for all its worth...
It shall lead us through our path on earth

You may fall...
But always know, I'll hear your call
For I shall love you...Forever more

I will uplift you...Guide you through
Take my hand...Let me lead the way,
If you shall ever drift astray

Read my eyes...
While I soothe your outburst cries
Taking in my love...Let it vanquish all fears..
Drying all unwanted tears

For you will soon agree...
That we were meant to be

Reach inside your soul...
And feel the love unfold
For we may be apart...
But we are One, through our beating heart


I beat my breast, though I know no cure
Leaving words with no more meaning to its host
For this life you so engrossed

Before feeling the realm of insanity...
Let death be my only release
For I may have a chance,
To be with you in eternal peace

Never judging my past calamity...
You led me through my path of indemnity
The fates now see their creation...
and laugh at my desperation
Your innocence has always survived,
My past of long lost cries

Breathless are you now,
While my heart bleeds constant pain!
How can this be?
You meant the world to me.
O, how I want you back...My innocent friend
Your fate should have been mine,
As I take your hand into mine
Crying out for serenity,
as I hear the echoes of responsibility

This dreadful cessation to a precious life,
Has left me with defeat
No longer finding self complete,
as my tears now warm your cheek


When looking into these eyes, can you see what I see?
When you touch my soft skin, can you feel what I feel?
When taking my breath into yours, can you taste what I taste?

Holding me close...Feeling as one, yet alone
So much to share, yet I only stare

Trust has become an obstacle of destruction
O, have you deceived me...
Wanting another...Leaving me incomplete
There only lies self defeat

Within this wretched soul...I hunger to be healed
To feel as one
To feel that closeness...Once again

In silence, my tears hit the ground
Pools of sorrow,
Overwhelming me now
Betrayal has strayed my love away

Tell me now...O sweet love
Let my ears hear the lies swim through my fears
Never did I know you to be,
the only one to destroy me

I can no longer bear it...This painful memory
Naked am I now...With this dagger to my breast
Breathing life for one last test

Can my soul be saved?
For I only feel hurt and rage
Let this fury break through,
The only feeling left for you

Sweet dreams my love
Lost are you now
Never feeling the warmth of your tender touch
Only the coldness of your evil lust

One thrust and darkness overshadows me
No turning back, as the warmth of blood soothes my back
My blistered heart slowly ceasing its beat

One last breath to whisper my love,
But you are no longer here to listen

While holding your new love in your arms...
Looking into her eyes, can you see what she sees?
When you touch her soft skin, can you feel what she feels?
When taking her breath into yours, can you taste what she tastes?


Every step is a subtle memory to be forgotten
Am I not perfect in your eyes?
Like a sculptor with no remorse...Molding my every thought
Breathing words that tear life from this feeble heart

Childhood dreams...Washed away
Replenished by whirlwinds of pain

Can you see the wrath you have bestowed upon me?
Never will I be the same, yet here I still remain
Walking the path of life...Blinded by uncertainty

My fate is etched in your potent mind
Can it be erased?
Or does it seem a waste of time?

Nights and days pass by,
as your poison eats me dry
And when my soul has died,
will I then be perfect in your eyes?


Warm breeze washes over,
golden waved hair
The smell of hope... Comforting resident of mind
Replaced by blooming flowers of time

I see in the distance,
a world gone awry
When dreaming your fantasy,
can you touch its fine line?

As the days subside...Exposed are its nights to cry
Think of its power,
as it extinguishes this fire
Breathe in the smoke,
Let it drift through your veins
It fills the void,
and relieves all the pain

Warm breeze washes over,
golden waved hair
As a new day arrives,
it leaves its beast to survive
It claws at your back..
Leaving the smell of fear by your side

Where has the warmth gone,
so longing to free you?
Be strong, be brave...And it shall release you

Still the battle remains
As you stare in the mirror...See the small wrinkles,
that form your face bitter
An unrecognizable self...Is all that will linger


Looking into broken glass
Fit the puzzle to find within,
the narrow edges scrap your soul
Red rivers flow through a blackened shell

Connect the pieces to make whole
Dirt of hurt calling to be cleansed
Haze of memories seem to never fade
Just see them wash ashore...
This empty pail held to capture,
what will overflow

Rancid tears of life
Soothe me with your soft caress
Whisper its meaning...Too soft, too unclear
Can I hold the meaning in my palm, if not my ear?

Sing to me a song...Spit the fire through dry lips
Crack reality with a whip
Feel it slash this wanted bliss
Beat once, beat twice...Can you hear it no more?
This puzzle still unsure

Life slips through fingertips
Let me diminish with one last wish
Dry your eyes and see the sky
Know that I will always be...By your side

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