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This Month's Featured Writer

October's Featured Writer

October's Featured Writer is Alyssa Hurzeler. Alyssa lives in the Salt Lake valley, works as a proofreader, and dreams of getting back into academia. When not working at her full-time or freelance jobs, updating web pages, or trying to catch up on all the e-mail messages she hasn't responded to, Alyssa goes on walks, sleeps, and watches Babylon 5.

"Waiting," the short story featured for October, is the first chapter of a larger work (just how long hasn't been determined yet) focusing on how three different people to respond to . . . well, you'll find out. In this as in most of her fiction, Alyssa's main concern is in creating dynamic characters and seeing how they react rather than in developing gripping plots. "Waiting" is a work in progress, and constructive suggestions are welcomed.

To read Alyssa Hurzeler's work, go to October's reading.

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