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Thracian’s Successes: C-E

: indicates an authentic response
All pictures were provided by the celebrity unless otherwise indicated.

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Campbell, Bruce: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     220 days / Received 06 December 1997
     14431 Ventura Blvd. #120, Sherman Oaks CA 91423
     "Hey Alyssa! Bruce"

I almost gave up hope on this one.  This was my longest true success to date.  Bruce Campbell sent a black and white close-up picture; it's a promo from Army of Darkness.  He signed it with a black sharpie on the right side of the photo, and the signature (though practically illegible) matches other scans I've seen. On Bruce Campbell's official web page, he explains that he will no longer be signing autographs through the mail.  This applies to e-mail requests as well.  He will send a photo, but he has stopped signing.

Carter, Jason: ISP, 8x10 color.
     60 days / Received 28 December 1998
     c/o Babylon 5
     14431 Ventura Blvd. Suite 260, Sherman Oaks CA 91423
     "Alyssa, Love is truth, Jason Carter"

This was a great success to end the year on.  I sent Mr. Carter a color photo and a silver paint pen.  He used the pen I sent to sign the picture; the signature compares well to in-person scans.  He kept the pen, as I requested.

Caruso, David: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     56 days / Received 22 October 1997
     270 N. Canon Drive #1058, Beverly Hills CA 90210

I sent this picture, a still from NYPD Blue.  David Caruso is an incredible actor, so I was delighted that he signed it, even though he just signed his initials.  From what I have heard, that is typical.  He used a gold paint pen to sign it.

Chappell, Crystal: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     33 days / Received 24 June 1997
     c/o One Life to Live, 56 West 66th Street, New York NY 10023
     “To Alyssa, Much love and happiness to you always! Crystal Chappell”

Crystal Chappell is my favorite daytime TV actress--I think she has been and is underrated.  She has left this series, so I don't know if this address would be useful.  If you try it, write "please forward" on the outside of the envelope.  She signed with a blue sharpie.

Cher, SP, 5x7 black and white.
     205 days / Received 08 December 1997
     P. O. Box 960, Beverly Hills CA 90213
     "Love, Cher"

A disappointing response: it's a pre-print.  It is a postcard with a photo on front and fan club information printed on the back.  My SASE wasn't used, and there is a different address on the postcard.  It is: P. O. Box 2425, Milford CT 06460.  I received another pre-print: the same picture and signature on 28 January 1998.  This time she used my SASE.  I'm hoping I won't get any more fake photos from her.

Clesse, John: SP, 6x8 black and white.
     27 days / Received 12 November 1998
     82 Ladbroke Road, London W11 3NU, England

This is a GREAT success for me.  I enjoyed Fawlty Towers very much, so receiving this autograph was quite a treat.  It's signed with a black ballpoint pen, and it matches other on-line in-person scans.

Close, Glenn: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     509 days / Received 27 February 1999
     9830 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills CA 90212
     "With best wishes, Glenn Close"

As you can see, I've been waiting quite a while for this one.  If it's authentic, it's well worth the wait.  It is signed with a black ball-point pen.  It is not an autopen; however, I haven't found a scan I can compare it with to rule out a secretarial.  This one is a mystery because you can see pressure from parts of the signature on the back of the photo.  For this reason, I think it is not a pre-print either, although some pre-prints are certainly very convincing.  For now, I am assuming that the signature is not authentic unless I can find something to confirm it. Any information would be much appreciated!

Cobb, Keith Hamilton: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     56 Days / Received 24 July 1997
     8730 Sunset Blvd. #480, Los Angeles CA 90069
     "Blessed be! Keith Hamilton Cobb"

He sent a nice picture--he is bending down and looking up at the camera.  The picture is signed with a blue sharpie on a black background, so it's a little hard to see, but it is still legible.

Collen, Jacqueline: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     21 days / Received 20 January 1998
     8733 Sunset Blvd. #103, Los Angeles CA 90069
     "Peace and safe journey, Jacqueline Collen"

This was a nice success, in part because it ended a LONG dry spell.  I wrote to her about a guest appearance she made on Hercules, and she responded with a signed promotional photo of herself as Maeve from The Adventures of Sinbad.  There are actually two separate pictures on the photo.  She signed with a black ball point pen on a dark part of the picture.  I haven't been able to find any in person scan, but I doubt she would have a secretary sign.  For this reason, and because I know it is not a pre-print or autopen, I believe it is authentic.

Collins, Stephen: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     101 days / Received 09 September 1998
     10390 Santa Monica Blvd. #300, Los Angeles CA 90025
     "To Alyssa, With warm thanks, Stephen Collins"

This was a great surprise--and not too long of a wait!  Mr. Collins sent a nice close-up photo, which he signed with a black sharpie.  It is definitely not a pre-print or an autopen.  I suspect it is authentic, but until I find a scan to compare it with and can therefore rule out the possibility of a secretarial, I will not place a blue star next to the name.

Costner, Kevin: ISP, 8x10 color.
     93 days / Received 22 September 1997
     P. O. Box 275, Montrose CA 91021
     "To Alyssa--See you at the movies--Kevin"

I sent a request to him at two different addresses because he was an actor I really admired several years ago.  I do still like him, but haven't followed his career as closely.  Both addresses did bring me signed pictures: both read "See you at the movies," and one is inscribed with my name.  They are nice pictures too--one from Field of Dreams and one from Robin Hood.   Unfortunately, I found out that he regularly sends secretarials.  I am 90% sure these are fake.

Crawford, Cindy: SP, 8x10 black and white.
     21 days / Received 15 May 1997
     132 South Rodeo Drive #300, Beverly Hills CA 90212
     “With Love, Cindy Crawford”

This is a pre-printed autograph.  Even so, I keep it because it was the first autograph I received once I started collecting through the mail.  I have since heard that she sends pre-prints unless you send her something to sign.  I tried this, but received my item back unsigned along with a pre-print.  See the Autograph News page for more details.

Crawford, Michael: TLS & ISP, 3x5 color.
     289 days / Received 16 March 1998
     76 Oxford Street, London WIN OAX, England
     "To Alyssa, With love Michael Crawford"

This is one I'd given up hope on.  I guess this demonstrates that there's always hope.  Mr. Crawford sent a small photo--the size of a poloroid--that he signed with a black sharpie.  The signature is a little smudged, but is still fairly clear.  The short letter talks about his fan association and is signed with a black ballpoint pen.  This is a great success.  The return address on the envelope is: c/o M. C. I. F. A., 2272 Colorado Blvd. #1367, Los Angeles CA 90041.

Dafoe, Willem: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     11 days / Received 19 June 1998
     33 Wooster St. #200, New York NY 10013
     "To Alyssa. My best, Willem Dafoe"

Mr. Dafoe sent a great black and white photo--it's a rather artistic picture--and it is signed with a black sharpie.  Judging by the nature of the signature, I've narrowed it down to being either secretarial or authentic.  The quick turnaround time makes me a little hesitant to declare it a genuine Dafoe signature, but I'm still looking for a scan to compare it to.  As always, information about the authenticity would be appreciated here.

Daly, Tyne: SP, 8x10 color.
     23 days / Received 23 September 1998
     515 Ocean Avenue #601, Santa Monica CA 90402-2609

I wasn't expecting this back so quickly!  I definitely won't complain, though.  The photo is a lovely one from the television program I mentioned in my letter.  It is signed with a black sharpie, but I'm not entirely sure about the authenticity.  Can any of you direct me to a scan?

Danes, Claire: SP, 5x7 color.
     924 Westwood Blvd. #900, Los Angeles CA 90024
     "Best of Everything, Claire Danes"

Like the Drew Barrymore autograph, Claire Danes sent a card with a pre-printed signature on the back.  It's a great picture, though--a color close-up.  I've heard that Ms. Danes has signed pictures that are sent to her.  I may try this out after the new year.

Dench, Dame Judi: TLS, 2 SC, SP, 3x5 black and white.
     60 days / Received 20 April 1998
     c/o Incoming Mail, BBC, Wood Lane, London W1R 7RJ, England
     "With best wishes Judi Dench"

I had heard that Dame Judi was a good signer, but I didn't realize HOW good.  She signed both of the index cards I sent, sent a small signed photo, and wrote me a brief letter responding to my compliments.  All autographs were done with a thick blue pen, and are authentic.   If you'd like a more direct address to try, use this one: Julian Belfrage Assoc, 46 Albermarle Street, London W1, ENGLAND.

Doyle, Jerry: SP, 8x10 color.
     178 days / Received 03 December 1998
     8615 Tamarack Avenue, Sun Valley CA 91352

This is a great success--one I've been waiting for.  Mr. Doyle sent a color photo that he signed in gold.  The signature matches scans of in-person autographs I've found. On January 09, 1999, I received another response from Mr. Doyle.  I had sent a photo and pen to another address.  He signed the photo and kept the pen, as I requested.

Driver, Minnie: SP, 3x5 black and white.
     25 days / Received 02 March 1998
     c/o Incoming Mail
     BBC, Wood Lane, London W12 7RJ, England
     "Love Minnie Driver"

This is a lovely picture from an exceptional actress.  The photo itself is worth the postage.  Ms. Driver signed the bottom of the photo with a blue ballpoint pen; it also matches on-line scans.

Duchovny, David: SP, 5x7 color.
     76 Days / 1 August 1997
     8942 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills CA 90211

I'm not sure if this one is a pre-print or an autopen, but either way, I know it is not authentic.  I'm not sure if there is an address that will bring a different response.

Easton, Michael: SP, 8x10 color.
     241 days / Received 28 August 1998
     c/o Metropolis Management, 8455 Beverly Blvd. #308, Los Angeles CA 90048

Wow--what a great photo!  This was a lovely response, and it's signed with a black sharpie.  Definitely worth the wait.  A handout listing his current Showtime series was also included, along with an updated address.  If you want to write to him, send to: Michael Easton/Total Recall, c/o Showtime, 10880 Wilshire Blvd.-16th Floor, Los Angeles CA 90024.

Edwards, Anthony: ISP, 8x10 black and white.
     31 days / Received 02 June 1997
     15260 Ventura Blvd. #1420, Sherman Oaks CA 91403
     “Alyssa--Lots of Happiness, Anthony Edwards”

This is a great success for ER fans--the picture features Anthony Edwards in his ER role.  He signed it with a black sharpie; this was also my first personalized success.  I haven't compared it to an in-person signature; nevertheless, I am quite sure this is authentic.

In-Person Successes

31 August 1997: In-Person: Brent Spiner
     See Autograph News page!

3 September 1997: In-Person: Lucy Lawless
     See Autograph News page!

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