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13 December 1998

I've received a few autographs in the past few weeks: you can see the information about these on the main page. I've updated a number of other pages: Still Waiting . . .; Successes (new information about authenticity and updated addresses for those I've used that no longer work!); View the Guestbook; Links. We're going into the Christmas season, so I'm not expecting a huge amount of autographs in the next few weeks. I'm hoping for one or two, though. I hope your mailboxes are full!

28 November 1998

As we're getting into the holiday season, I've updated a number of pages: Successes; Still Waiting . . .; View the Guestbook; Most Wanted Autographs. I'm delighted to be getting autographs! Read about them on the main page and the successes pages.

15 November 1998

Hurray! The slow time has finally ended! I received three great autographs this week, including one I have been hoping for for some time. Check them out on the main page! Happy collecting!

09 November 1998

When I said that I wanted to receive more autograph mail, two return-to-senders weren't exactly what I had in mind! Oh well . . . maybe I'll get something this week . . .

02 November 1998

It's been 40 days since I received an autograph--probably a record. I am definitely going through withdrawl! I've started to send out a few more requests, and I'm planning to make another photo order. Nevertheless, I have made a few small additions to this site: I've updated the information about Cindy Crawford on the News page and have added more authenticity comments to my entry for Michael York. I need to announce that my e-mail server has been going though a major upgrade. They have promised to move all of my e-mail back to my account within four weeks, but until I receive it, I (obviously) won't be able to respond to your comments. Please be patient. In the meantime, send some positive autograph vibes my way, would you?

18 October 1998

I believe this may be the longest period of time I've gone without receiving an autograph--I haven't received anything since the end of September. I'm hoping that will change soon. Even though I have almost 90 requests out, it is a strange fact that once you start sending more requests, you start receiving responses again. So I have sent out a few, which you can see on the Still Waiting . . . page. I've also added detailed information about my most recent autographs on the success pages, and I've added more of your guestbook entries. Thanks for coming back to my site and for signing my guestbook!

10 October 1998

No autographs again this week. I have a few addresses I'm planning to try this week, and I'm waiting for some photos to send out as well. In the meantime, I've updated the guestbook with entries you've made. Also, I received another web award--this one from Tripod. This page is now part of the Best of Collectibles Pod!

26 September 1998

I've received a few autographs--you'll see the info. on the main page--and have updated the success pages with the autographs I received in the previous two weeks. Also, please see my new "award," also listed on the main page!

14 September 1998

I didn't receive any autographs last week, but there are still some new things on the site you can explore. First, I've added two new pages: one that allows you to add my banner to your site so you can link back to my page; on a second page you can find out more about who I am and what I do when I'm not collecting autographs or trying to catch up on my e-mail. I've also added several scans, so give the success pages another look!

22 August 1998

Praise heaven--my dry spell is over! I received a few autographs this week. I suspect that Teri Hatcher's is a fake of some sort. If anyone has any information, I'd appreciate it if you'd send me a message. You'll also notice I've sent out a few more requests. I'll be sending some more as well.

11 August 1998

I am having one of the longest no-autograph streaks I can remember. Clearly it's time to send out some more letters. I am ordering some photos that I should receive in a month, and I am also putting a list together of people I want to write to. Hopefully this will put an end to my slow streak SOON. And I'm still waiting for quite a few requests as well.

25 July 1998

My apologies for being slow to update recently: this has been a hectic few weeks. I have updated the main page and Still Waiting . . . and I hope to update the View the Guestbook and Links sometime in the next week. In a week or so I should also have time to write a few more letters!

13 July 1998

It's definitely true that weeks of many autographs are usually followed by weeks of few autographs. (I hope the future demonstrates that it works in the reverse as well!) Still, a week with any autographs is a good week. I've updated the Success pages, RTS, Still Waiting . . . And I'm hoping for some great mail this week. I've also got a new e-mail address: this should be the last one! To find out what it is, go to the e-mail page.

03 July 1998

Wow. What an amazing week--this is rare for me. I wish there were more like this. I hope you're all having a great week as well. I've updated the main page, Successes, Most Wanted, and Still Waiting . . . To all US collectors: enjoy the 4th of July weekend!

28 June 1998

I'm starting to get more successes again, which is a nice relief! I'm gearing up to send several more requests--I've ordered a few photos to send and will be ordering several more next week. I'm also in the middle of a few stamp trades so I can start sending more letters to people outside the US. Keep coming back--there are a lot of things in the works!

21 June 1998

I have been receiving some autograph-related mail this past week, but as you can see from the main page, it isn't all good news. Still, at least my dry spell has ended for now. The list of people I'm waiting to hear from is still quite huge and with luck, that list will get smaller in the next week!

15 June 1998

I've had a bad couple of weeks for getting autographs, but I've mailed off a bunch of requests so I should be getting more in soon. I hope! In the meantime, check out my Still Waiting page to see what might be coming in . . .

07 June 1998

I've added eight new scans, and have fine-tuned the links a bit. Let me know if you're having trouble linking to any of the pages or scans. Good luck with this week's collecting.

06 June 1998

No successes to report this week, but I finally changed the background for the site--I've given it a new, fresh look. I've also broken down the success pages even more so that there will be plenty of expansion room for the future. In the next week I will change the background on the scans, and will add some new scans to the collection. And finally, I am once again having problems connecting to my mail server, so I've changed the mailing links to a site I can access.

03 June 1998

Thank you for continuing to visit this site! By the end of May, more than 10,000 people visited this site in its less than one year of operation. It's a good feeling for me to know that you keep coming back. I also appreciate your continued patience with my slow e-mail response. My job consumes more of my time now. I will continue to work my way through the letters and respond to as many as I can. God bless.

24 May 1998

This has been a good week--not necessarily for the number of successes, but I did get one success, and also managed to acquire an autograph I've been wanting for a while. (Check out the Autograph News page for details.) I've updated the usual pages: Successes, RTS, Still Waiting . . ., and View the Guestbook. I'm writing some more letters, so I will have some more requests going out soon!

03 May 1998

As long as the mail keeps coming, I won't complain. I've updated all the usual pages (Successes, View the Guestbook, Still Waiting . . .), so look around a little if you haven't explored this site in a while. I appreciate all of the compliments you send, and I'm answering mail as fast as I can! There's some other good news: I've gotten another job. This means (among other things) I will have more money to send out requests in a few weeks. Until then, keep checking to see what I've received!

25 April 1998

I love weeks like this! I received some great mail this week (along with the usual bills, but who notices when you get such lovely autographs?). Ed Wasser's response is tied for the fastest response I've received. It was quite a surprise when I opened the envelope and realized who it was from, because I certainly wasn't expecting such a quick response. I'm not complaining, however. Here's what I've updated: Successes (I've finally gotten rid of the "NEW" designations that aren't really so new); Still Waiting . . .; View the Guestbook; Most Wanted; and this page, of course! See you all next week. The number of people viewing this site is nearing the 10,000 mark as well.

18 April 1998

I did get one success this week, and it's a great one! Check out the main page for details. I've updated Successes, Wanted, and Still Waiting . . . I've sent out a few more requests, and hopefully I'll continue to get responses.

04 April 1998

April is definitely looking up; I've had some terrific successes this week, and I'm hoping for more to come! Here's what I've updated: main page, Successes, Still Waiting . . ., Wanted, Links, and View the Guestbook. I appreciate all of you who continue to visit this site. Six months ago I couldn't really imagine getting 10,000 hits, but thanks to you I think that'll happen before the end of April. Thanks also to those of you who have been sending e-mail to the mailexcite.com account. I have been getting mail at that address, and will be replying in the next few days.

27 March 1998

It's been a good autograph week, even if they aren't all authentic. I am glad to be able to complete my records! I've updated the main page, Still Waiting . . ., and the Successes. In some other news, my computer is DOWN. This means I haven't been able to respond to any e-mail I have received (and I was backlogged before!), and the mail you've been sending me has been getting through only sporadically. I do have another e-mail account you can use for now: a.hurzeler@mailexcite.com. I'll check it every few days. I'm hoping to get things fixed soon, but I wanted to explain the current situation. Good luck this week!

21 March 1998

I've had two great successes this week; I'm pleased that this week continues my record of getting at least one success a week. I'll be sending out a few more requests this upcoming week as well. They'll probably be my last requests for a while, because I am looking for a new job, and until something comes through I don't have much money. Here's hoping for all kinds of success this week, for you too!

17 March 1998

I have been offline for four days: my server has been doing some upgrading. It looks like I'm back on line, hopefully for a while! I did get some autographs yesterday, so be sure to visit again this weekend when I update.

13 March 1998

I've had a few autographs this week, and with some luck, there might be one or two more tomorrow! I'm still working on some more letters to go out this week. [I'm also waiting for some photos I ordered that I plan to send out as well!] Today I have updated the main page, A-E Successes, F-J Successes, Still Waiting . . ., View the Guestbook, and Links. Happy collecting!

28 February 1998

It's been another slow week. I'm wondering about and hoping for some autographs to come in since I am waiting for ninety (90) requests! I'll be writing some more requests this weekend, which I'll send out next week. For now, I've updated View the Guestbook, P-S Successes, and Still Waiting . . . as well as the main page. Not only am I still waiting, I'm still hoping for some better mail next week . . .

13 February 1998

Two successes so far this week, and I'm still waiting to see what I get tomorrow! As usual, I've updated View the Guestbook, Successes, Still Waiting . . . as well as the main page. Tomorrow I will be adding three scans. I'd like to respond to David's comment about a mailing list. I don't have a mailing list, but I do update the page fairly regularly--usually every weekend. Thanks to everyone for the kind guestbook comments and your patience in waiting for me to respond to e-mail. I have a number of messages waiting for me to respond to, and I am grateful for your continued patience.

08 February 1998

I did (finally) get one success this week, and it's one I am quite pleased about! I've also started sending out more requests, so mail should start coming in again more regularly. I've updated the main page, Success, View the Guestbook, Links, and Still Waiting . . . Thanks for continuing to visit, and for leaving such nice guestbook comments.

31 January 1998

No successes this week. :( The good thing about this next week is that I will be paid, and will therefore be able to send a bunch of requests. I plan to spend much of the day writing them. Happy collecting!

23 January 1998

I bet you're glad I've been having some success lately--so am I, believe me! I decided to update the site this week one day earlier than usual to celebrate my better mail week (and also because I had some extra time today). I will post what I get (if anything) tomorrow as well. I've made additions or changes to the other following pages: RTS, Most Wanted, News (check out the latest info. on Sir Alec Guinness), Still Waiting . . . Enjoy!

17 January 1998

This year is still a dismal one, as you can see from my one autograph related item of mail: an RTS. Once again, I continue to hope that I will have more success this week. I am working on some more letters to send in February, when I am next paid. I do appreciate the kind guestbook comments I've received! I also want to add that I do appreciate the e-mail this site generates. It has been taking me longer than usual to respond to them, but I try to answer each letter. May our mailboxes be full!

12 January 1998

So far this year, I have not received an autograph! I am hoping this will change, as I have sent out nine requests recently, and plan to send a bunch more in February, when I get paid. (I definitely need to find a job that pays more!) Because of this mail shortage, I've left up last week's mail listing, adding how long I waited for the picture. Today I've made some small additions to several pages: Still Waiting . . ., Most Wanted, View the Guestbook, Getting Started, and Links. Hope your collecting is progressing better than mine!

03 January 1998

It's been a nice relaxing holiday--I hope you've all had a good one. I did get one autograph each week in the past few weeks, which is more than I expected. I've sent out a few requests, and plan to send out a lot more in February when I next get paid. I've made a number of minor changes to the site: I have added detailed information about the Melissa Gilbert (qualified) success. I've also reversed the format on Still Waiting . . ., so that you don't have to wade through the entire list of what I'm waiting for to see who I've sent requests to lately. I have added and updated the Links page. Furthermore, I have put the 1997 guestbook entries and What's New information on separate pages. And finally, let me give you my collecting statistics for the past year:

I sent 157 requests, and received 73 responses which included a signature. Of these, I believe 49 to be authentic and 24 to be either secretarials, autopens, or pre-prints. (You should be aware that I counted the people who responded; in other words, I didn't consider each signature [when celebs sent more than one] to be a separate response.)

On the negative side, I had 17 RTS and received fan club information or a "Not Signing" letter from 4 celebrities.

In total, this accounts for 94 requests; I am still waiting for 63. I hope I'll be able to account for many of these by the end of next year! Keep requesting, and keep checking that mailbox!

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