Whatís New in 1997?

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21 December 1997

I've included detailed information about the successes of last week. Check them out on the success pages. I am not anticipating to get any autographs this week, because of Christmas, and if that is the case, I will not be making any additions or changes to this page. I'll see you all in January!

13 December 1997

It's been another good autograph week. I am amazed that the mail continues to come in this close to Christmas. Perhaps celebrities are wanting to clean their "in" boxes! Along with the update to the main page and Still Waiting . . ., I've broken down the successes into five sections instead of two, as they were getting overloaded. This is a good thing, as it demonstrates the growth in my collection. Have a great week everyone, and keep checking your mail!

06 December 1997

What a great week for getting autographs! This definitely makes up for the two weeks last month when I didn't get anything. I got some great successes, as well as a real surprise, since I didn't ask Hugh Grant for an autograph! The Bruce Campbell success gives me hope that perhaps all of the requests that have been sent out long ago have not just been thrown away! Keep writing, and keep checking back here for more successful addresses!

29 November 1997

No autographs this week, but that's not too surprising, since it's the week of Thanksgiving. I've updated some pages: Still Waiting . . ., N-Z Successes, RTS, View the Guestbook. Best wishes in your collecting this week!

22 November 1997

I'm pleased to report that this has been a better week for receiving autographs! Moreover, I received two I've been waiting for and wanting for a while. Check them out on the main page if you haven't already! I've also made changes to Still Waiting . . . and View the Guestbook. Keep visiting!

15 November 1997

Sadly, I received no autographs this week! I am hoping that next week will be a little better. I admit that I'm a little discouraged. In any case, I have added a trading section to my "Most Wanted" page. I have a few extra autographs I'd love to trade with someone. I am not expecting to trade for those "most wanted" autographs--just let me know what extras you have and if I want something you have, we'll work something out! I hope your collecting goes better than my collecting has last week!

8 November 1997

I've made a number of additions and changes to the site. Of course I have updated the main page with this week's mail; I've also updated the N-Z successes and Still Waiting . . . I am starting to compile a list of requests to send, and I'm hoping for some great returns! I have also reorganized the links page by adding a category and organizing the links more alphabetically. I've also removed a few links that were either outdated or didn't have a reciprocal link back to my site. And please note my new index, a directory to my other web sites; one is completed; a second is almost finished; and a third is in the planning stages.

3 November 1997

The moves are complete. The successes have now been moved to two new pages: one for A-M successes; the other for N-Z. I'm excited about the change, because I hope it will promote more interaction between collectors; it also demonstrates the growing size of my collection. The address list was getting far too long for the main page! Let me know what you think of the changes, and as always, may your mailboxes be full of great success!

27 October 1997

I'm working on a change for the site--putting the list of successes on a separate page. This will cut down on download time for the main page. I'm also adding comments about the response to the new Success page. For now, I am keeping the master list on the main page; once I have completed the success page, I will remove them from the main page. Let me know what you think of the upcoming change. Happy collecting, all!

18 October 1997

This was a better week for successes! I am still amazed by the kindness of Mr. Ainley's response--it is definitely one of the best (if not the best) I have had so far. He is the first person I have sent a thank-you card to since I started collecting. I've updated the usual pages, and have added some new information about DeForest Kelley on the Autograph News page. I am also contemplating making some structural changes to this site; I am still very much in the planning stages. I will continue to consider it and to keep you posted.

11 October 1997

As always, I've updated the main page, and Still Waiting . . . The RTS page has one addition as well. I seem to be averaging about one success a week--not too surprising, since I have not been able to send many requests (lack of money); also, I've been told it is a slower time of year. I will keep sending requests when I have time and money, and will continue to hope for more successes.

04 October 1997

The Still Waiting . . . and Autograph News pages have been updated as well as the main success page. I did get one success, but things have definitely slowed down. I am planning to send out a few more requests this week. Happy collecting, all!

27 September 1997

I've updated the main page and Still Waiting . . . As you can see, the week started out great on Monday with two successes, but nothing since then! :( Hopefully things will pick up next week.

20 September 1997

Two successes were received this week--you can see them on the main page. I still have 75 outstanding requests! I've updated View the Guestbook and Still Waiting . . ., and reorganized the guestbook so that the most recent entries are first. Now you won't have to scroll through all of the entries to see what people have written most recently. Furthermore, I am delighted to report that since July 28 when I created this site, more than 1600 people have visited. Thanks for being loyal, and of course, keep returning!

16 September 1997

Today I've added some links, made a few changes to the main page and View the Guestbook, and have updated the Autograph News page. There is some new information about DeForrest Kelley, who is apparently not signing autographs at this time. Check it out for more details.

11 September 1997

I'm back from New York, and I've updated the main page, Autograph News (check out my two in-person success stories!), View the Guestbook, and Still Waiting. I didn't get much mail while I was gone, but I've still got a lot of requests out there, so hopefully things will start to pick up again.

28 August 1997

I've completed my updates for the week--yes, I don't usually do it this early, but here's why! I'll be in New York from August 30-September 9 for a much needed vacation. Be assured that I will report all successes (and failures) when I return. Please don't hesitate to sign the guestbook while I'm gone. Happy collecting!

23 August 1997

This has been a great week for getting responses back! I am quite delighted to get responses from some of the very early requests I sent. I have of course updated this week's mail as well as Still Waiting . . . and RTS. I have also added a new page that talks about how to write a request letter as well as the process I use to get autographs. Furthermore, this site has reached a nice milestone: over 1000 people have visited this site!

18 August 1997

Today I updated the View the Guestbook page with recent comments. I am delighted that so many visitors have been signing it--feel free to sign if you haven't already! In response to the the question about home addresses for Mel Gibson and Sean Connery: I'm afraid I don't have them. In fact, since I've joined the autograph world, I have NEVER hear about a through-the-mail success from either celebrity. If someone has a success from either of these celebrities, please let me know, so I can pass along the info.!

16 August 1997

I've added two new scans, and put up my successes and failure for the week. I hope the mail will keep coming in!

14 August 1997

Today I added blue stars next to the names of those who sent authentic autographs. This will help those who want to see at-a-glance whether they are genuine or not. Thanks for visiting the page!

12 August 1997

This page is really expanding! I've added scans for eight more pictures--take a look! I'm also delighted to give the address for Jeremy Irons at Patti's request: 194 Old Brompton Street, London SW5 England. Also, I've added a link to my new web page: Thracian's Tribute to La Femme Nikita. This site features an episode listing, a Peta Wilson picture of the week, and is also the home of the Section's Trading Center. Please check it out!

9 August 1997

This week brought some good successes, along with some poor-looking pre-prints. You can see who they are from on this week's mail update! I've also updated Still Waiting . . . and the Links page. Watch for updates on the other pages in the next day or two!

2 August 1997

I've made some significant changes! I've added a new page--the Autograph News page, whose purpose is to provide information about signing habits and to discuss other issues in the autograph collecting world. Also, look for internal links on all of the pages; this way, you don't have to keep using the back button. I have also updated the pages with this week's successes, etc.

31 July 1997

I've added scans for three autographs I've received. Just click on the name, and you'll see the picture! Also, please note that I've joined the autograph ring--if you want to see other autograph sites, feel free to check them out.

27 July 1997

Many things have changed on this web site lately! Along with the images I've added, I have included a new background. This one cuts down the downloading time! I have updated the weekly mail list, and made changes to RTS, Still Waiting . . ., and View the Guestbook. My most significant change is the addition of a Most Wanted Autographs page. If you can help me out, please let me know!

I've decided to use the What's New page to respond to guestbook comments. Michael Jay asked about "autographs/documents related to famous criminals (Bonnie and Clyde; Timothy Mcveigh) and famous lawmen (J.Edgar Hoover; Melvin Purvis)." I don't know much about this, I have to admit! My current suggestion is to join an e-mail list--I belong to ACL, the Autograph Collector's List (you can find a link to it on my web page). This will give you access to a number of other people you could ask.

I've found two addresses for Christie Brinkley--let me emphasize that I haven't tried either of them, so I don't know if they are successful. Here they are: 151 El Camino Dr., Beverly Hills CA 90210; 2124 Broadway #104, New York, NY 10023.

23 July 1997

With significant help from Steven Spalten, I have finally been successful at uploading images to my directory. Please check out the award mentioned below on my main page! I will be adding some scanned photos soon!

20 July 1997

My web site has been chosen to be featured as Papabear's featured autograph site for the month of August. I am thrilled to be recognized in this way! I will be posting this award on my site in the near future. Papabear provides a service by sending out an Autograph Newletter to collectors. Please visit his site to find out more!

19 July 1997

The following pages have been updated: main autograph page with this week's mail; Still Waiting . . . (removed names of people I've received mail from); added to the RTS page. Also, the count for people who have visited this web page is over 200 people--a small milestone! Keep returning!

17 July 1997

I updated a few addresses: for Kiefer Sutherland I listed the most probable address (my records then weren't as good as they are today); I also found the address I used for Claire Danes. Yesterday I added to Still Waiting . . .

15 July 1997

I've added a textured background, courtesy of The HTML Goodies Links Page. I've added a link to it on the links page.

14 July 1997

Now it's much easier to contact me. Just click on my email address to send me a message! Other additions have been made to Still Waiting . . . and my links page. Enjoy!

12 July 1997

I updated the main page, and thankfully I had a few successes after a slow start this week. I also added to the View the Guestbook page and made changes (both additions and deletions) on Still Waiting . . . Keep coming back! It's just starting to get really fun!

5 July 1997

On the main page, I added the number of days I waited for each autograph and the date I received it.

4 July 1997

My main change has been adding this week's successes (with Saturday still pending, of course). It's been a wonderful week for getting autographs! I've also added to the View the Guestbook page, and have updated Still Waiting . . .

2 July 1997

Please join me in mourning the death of James Stewart, who was not only a great actor, but also a great man. He will be truly missed!

30 June 1997

First, I've added a View the Guestbook page, which will allow you to see what other collectors think of my site! I've also made some additions to the Failures page and Still Waiting . . . Don't forget to return next Monday when I post what I have received this week. I did receive an autograph today; I'll give you a hint--this person is listed under May 31, 1997 on the Still Waiting page!

28 June 1997

Well actually, the entire site is new! Iím just a beginning web page creator; right now I've focused on presenting the information in a fairly straightforward way. As I learn more, I will be adding images and pictures. As an English instructor who believes in revision, I plan to use that process with this site!

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